Best mobile games for Android of Halfbrick Studios

Best mobile games for Android of Halfbrick Studios

About Halfbrick

Founded in 2001, Halfbrick has been on the forefront of the Australian game development industry for many years.

From humble beginnings developing licensed titles for platforms such as GBA, DS and PSP, we have expanded our portfolio with a range of hugely successful, independently released games on multiple platforms.

With the success of Fruit Ninja on iPhone and iPad, Halfbrick has catapulted to become one of the most well known indie developers in the world, proving that a little dev down under has the world class skills needed to make a big splash on the global market.

  • Fruit Ninja
  • Fruit Ninja Classic (0,9$)
  • Dan the Man – Free Games
  • Battle Racing Stars – Multiplayer Games
  • Jetpack Joyride
  • Magic Brick Wars – Epic card battle

1. Fruit Ninja

I had this app since I waa 5 years old and I love it! Tbis is so much fun and so well made! Everything is perfect! Starting from the controls up tye the graphics! All perfect! Well done! ♡

Amazing game to play. Hope you all download it and,most hopefully, LOVE it. Didn’t really want to but got so tempted that I had to. Really, REALLY hope that my information was useful to you.

It is exceptional bloody blades amazing competition with friends only I will say that if possible to add in multiplayer arcade mode that would be great or if there is any special banana like other types fanzy,freeze,double score also important but I prefer more thanks for sharing this game.

Awesome, absolutely love it. I’ve played on my older sister’s phone for years, but now that I can play by myself I love it even more! I highly recommend that you download this app. It’s amazing and super fun!

Dude. Awesome game. I think it’s from 2010 or something. At least the ads are showing actual gameplay than the other games like homescapes ads. Homescapes put much more effort to the ad than the game.

Download Fruit Ninja

2. Fruit Ninja Classic (0,9$)

Great game overall. Lots of stages and swords to unlock. 3 unique game modes. Fun and relaxing game that’s great for casual or long play. Some challenges are difficult, but I still don’t find the stressful at all. Highly recommended this game 👍.

It feels good going back to the classic version,without the new things added in the new version.This version of Fruit Ninja is better tho I can’t understand why you decided to make this a paid game.

I think it’s good you can get a refund and it’s like the good ol days plus it’s easy to play and there’s a zen thing and i think it relieves my stress!!!!!!!!!!!

Just like I remember from my childhood, smooth gameplay, easy to pick up, and quick to finish a round in

Best game! I love to play this game. Completing missions, unlocking new blades and backgrounds etc. Plus point is that it is non-addictive.

Perfect for people who liked the old version of Fruit Ninja, no need for buying starfruit or golden apples. Lots of fun, you should buy it.

Download Fruit Ninja Classic (0,9$)

3. Dan the Man – Free Games

(Base preminum game review) Dan The Man is a fun and unique action platforming with a charming retro artstyle, addictive and satifying gameplay, and a [email protected]$$ soundtrack to boot. Gameplay wise it is a hectic beat’em up (especially in the later levels and New Game+) that rewards players with quick reflexes and mastery of the game’s moveset and abilities. The charming retro artstyle (following that of the webseries) is a big bonus too. If you are a fan of beat’em ups, Dan The Man is for you.

Best Download Android Arcade Games Dan the Man - Free Games
Best Download Android Arcade Games Dan the Man – Free Games

love it! can lose your frames time to time but its awesome! when i first seen this it reminded be a little from the web series. this is a really fun game when you use a ps4 controller or something like that. wasnt expecting this to be an actual game.

An extremely solid action platformer with clean graphics and a good slant of difficulty. The controls, especially for movement, are hit or miss. Sometimes you move the wrong direction or shoot when you mean to punch, but it’s never anything that keeps the game from being fun. A great game and a solid purchase for premium.

It’s a very fun, hard at times arcade smash em up. You can play most of the game without a spending a single dollar. But expect to watch just a few ads (nothing to bad). I would very much recommend 8/10.

Great game. The controls are pretty good and smooth. While they can be clanky in some parts of the game, I’ve gotten used to them.

Download Dan the Man – Free Games

4. Battle Racing Stars – Multiplayer Games

Very addictive. Getting very competitive at chapter 3 in victory road. Some real split second wins. Hopefully in time. New modes etc are added. Could potentially be a long term mobile. Please let me save to FB or a cloud. I’m due an upgrade and will want my progress carried over.

Best Download Android Action Games Battle Racing Stars - Multiplayer Games
Best Download Android Action Games Battle Racing Stars – Multiplayer Games

I love that the developer didnt push us as a player to watch an ad. And the game is competitive, this kind of game that i have been waiting for. Just hoping for more character and track.


I believe it’s a good game you get to race with Dan the Man Dan the Man Isn’t that cool and in every booster pack will not always you get to have a another character I just got another character I just got the scar you should download it to.

The game is awesome and so well designed , i tell my friends about the game and now we all playing ur game having a lot of fun , i hope in next update add more maps , character, event …ect , i thank u devs for this game i love it .

Yeah a new game made by halfbrick ive played all there games dan the man jetpack joyride fruit ninja, all and this is a great game but since its new I hope they make more changes more skins more characters in the future.

Download Battle Racing Stars – Multiplayer Games

5. Jetpack Joyride

I loved this game the graphics were good the controlls were nice and easy. My only complaint is the gameplay was a bit glitchy if you play 3 hours straight! 😅😅 But overall a brilliant game they did a good job making it just don’t listen to anyone who tells you to not get this marvellous game. Good work making it.

This is a pretty good game its really fun and you could even spend hours playing with out knowing! I really like it so im giving it a 5 star also i think you should really add some boss at sector 20 like a scientist that has also a jetpack it would look really cool, thanks for the good game.

Amazing game, a little unfair at times but still good. Also a lot of microtransactions but obviously those are optional.

Great support team, I’ve played this for years and had nearly every item in the game, but my old phone died and I lost everything even though I had a account linked to Google, I contacted the support team and even though they couldn’t find my data they gave me some coins to start back playing on my new phone. Thanks to everyone on half bricks wonderful support team.

It’s a awesome game to play I played this game when I was 5 and I loved it it still is a very good game half brick studios thank you for making these awesome games keep up the good job😁

It’s so fun!! I left the game back in early 2015 cause it felt repeatitive and at the time the only good thing IMO was S A M, but I decided to pick it back up for no particular reason in late 2019 and man has the game improved so much, I was generally shocked by how amazing the game has become and all the new challenges that I encounter throughout each gameplay! Best game I have ever played and I am so happy I decided to pick it back up again! Q: Whats my fav thing about the game A: Power Ups!!

Even after all these years, jetpack joyride is, just that. A joyride. It hasn’t gotten many updates, but I don’t think it needs any. It’s an amazing game as is, and best of all, ITS NOT PAY TO WIN! I mean, it sorta is, but it’s not as in-your-face “hey you need more cash, wanna buy some?” As other games. Ya fun good halfbrick.

Download Jetpack Joyride

6. Magic Brick Wars – Epic card battle

Best Download Android Strategy Games Magic Brick Wars - Epic card battle
Best Download Android Strategy Games Magic Brick Wars – Epic card battle

Super fun game, a lot of people complain because you play bots sometimes. But it is better than playing with no one. Game is fairly new so as it gains players the bots will br taken out. Also, this is a skill baded game, just because someone has stronger cards, that does not mean they will automatically win. I reached top 100 when my level was 5 or 6 while others were at least 18+ and even prestiged.

OMG I love this game! It has characters from other games as well as The skeletons from the Xbox 360 Raskulls (or something like that) game! It reminds me of Clash Royale. The coolest thing is that I can place Tetris looking pieces and they block the Skeletons. One of the best games I’ve seen.

It is time consuming game and i love it it has my two favorite video games Raskulls and Jetpack Joyride its a very enterraining game and its fub for all ages.

I really only downloaded it at first to get a skin in jetpack joyride but I staryed olaying and It’s REALLY fun and a really original and good game. I told my dad about it and he really enjoys it too. Well done!

It’s a beutifful game it’s the best game I’ve seen and don’t get me wrong you will like it too that’s how well this game is in particular so you should play that’s what I’m trying to tell you (female or male person)and also I hope you don’t take this game or me personal.

if i have a suggestion to make the game better, since you are using the tetris bricks, include different skins for steel, platinum, gold etc. also i want to see an option to get a life back..thats all i can suggest on top of my head. as i said, the game is solid and pure fun. i deleted some great games to make room for this one.

Download Magic Brick Wars – Epic card battle

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