Best mobile games for Android of MADFINGER Games

Best mobile games for Android of MADFINGER Games

MADFINGER Games is a young, exciting studio of international developers with the shared goal of creating console-quality games for mobile devices. Our award winning titles are universally praised for their outstanding gameplay and next-gen graphics, offering players an exciting and visually stunning experience.

After breaking onto the mobile gaming scene with the Samurai series, MADFINGER Games released the hit title Shadowgun, the first in a long-running franchise. The third-person shooter introduced the world to John Slade and received outstanding reviews from critics and players alike. Shadowgun became the Number One Game in 25 countries and was included the Apple Hall of Fame.

Best mobile games for Android of MADFINGER Games
Best mobile games for Android of MADFINGER Games

The studio launched another franchise in the summer of 2012 with Dead Trigger. The zombie shooter attracted widespread acclaim, won a number of awards, and quickly became a hit with players. The same year, MADFINGER released Shadowgun: Deadzone, the multiplayer sequel to the original cult favourite. It received numerous accolades and developed a loyal fanbase that enthusiastically supported the game until its withdrawal in April 2019.

The studio’s biggest hit to date, Dead Trigger 2, followed in 2013. It expanded on the premise of the first game, plunging the player into a global fight against a zombie apocalypse. It received 10 million downloads in its first two months, and six years later is still an Editor’s Choice on the Google Play Store.

In 2014 saw a change in direction for MADFINGER with the release of Monzo, a digital model simulator that allows users to relax and build Revel-licensed kits, with a plethora of choices ranging from battleships to dinosaurs. The following year the studio returned to their action roots with UNKILLED, a zombie shooter set in New York that also introduced PvPCo-OP and Survival Op modes.

The studio’s most ambitious project to date, Shadowgun Legends, launched in spring 2018. Set 30 years after the original Shadowgun, the multiplayer sci-fi shooter pits the player and their friends against a deadly race of alien invaders known as the Torment. Blending elements of FPSand RPG with a subversive sense of humour, Legends frequented top of the year lists and became the benchmark for high-end graphics on mobile devices. It also inspired a multiplayer spinoff, Shadowgun War Games, which is slated for an early 2020 release.

  • DEAD TRIGGER 2 – Zombie Survival Shooter FPS
  • Shadowgun War Games – Online PvP FPS
  • UNKILLED – Zombie FPS Shooting Game
  • SHADOWGUN LEGENDS – FPS PvP and Coop Shooting Game
  • MONZO – Digital Model Builder
  • DEAD TRIGGER – Offline Zombie Shooter
  • Samurai II: Vengeance THD (3$)

1. DEAD TRIGGER 2 – Zombie Survival Shooter FPS

I love this game it reminds me so much of Left for Dead. I have no problems with it at all except for one thing. My game currently wont let me play the Russia campaign. I dont know why. My tech level is 6 & the plane flew me over to it. I am able to do the small side missions like assult or power run but cant start the main campaign. Help me!! I NEED to play this game. Thank you for any help i could get asap.

Love the game , awsome would be the word I would say ! However I bn playing this game since 2018 an it will not let me get back my username and will not let me reset password ! Tells me Internet failure ,so hit new user goes rite to beginning ! I’m not going to do tht iv got alot if equipment iv naught from these people,just want too get back what iv bn paying on thank you.

This is a very good game. I play everyday and I’m really a huge fan of the game. I fell one thing that needs to be changed about this game is how many weapons you can have during a game. If a part 3 to this game is going to be made then, players should be able to have four different guns during a game.

Ngl i started this game with the thought in mind to hate it, but no matter how hard i try i can’t. It’s hilarious in itself and even though the protagonist has the vocabulary of a parrot and NOTHING is explained, it’s satisfying. The wrench that you start out with is literally better than any other weapon in the game. The sniper has bullets that allow you to change their path. It’s great. Only minor problem is the controls seem a lil bit clunky.

The graphics are so amazing the game runs great the story is awesome. The gameplay itself is great. It’s incredible on how a phone you can get an amazing game with good graphics and smooth gameplay. Everything about this game is amazing and to the developer and everyone who made this game good job and keep making games like this the mobile community needs companys like you guys.👍

Download DEAD TRIGGER 2 – Zombie Survival Shooter FPS

2. Shadowgun War Games – Online PvP FPS

One of my best games, the only problem in here to be fix and to be update is that I want to play together either with my friends, families, and others as a team by adding a friend list in the game because obviously if it doesn’t have a friend list or like a clan, other gamers will get bored, and also by fixing bugs, like if I’m already in a game (Either TDM or CTF), it just sometimes automatically transfer into another game and lose all of my kills and points. That’s all. Still my favorite game!

I love this game. it is very stable. i also like that it allows you to play the game regularly (as in: money wont make your character better or win you games). you can pay real money for stuff like cosmetics (skins and other stuff). the only downside is the limited roster (so far), but i know new heroes are bound to come soon. also i would love new game modes like payload or base capture.

The game is beautiful, but still looks like it needs more time developing before releasing publicly. The minor thing which makes a game good are missing like the double tap to scope in needs to be done as many times it opens unintentionally while aiming quickly from one place to another. Other thing is network disconnection, once disconnected player should be prompted to rejoin the match when network is available.

Game is getting better with every update, keep up the good work. My k/d ratio went down a bit because I kept playing with poor settings (felt really wonky and awkward) but they started to climb back up now my settings are getting smoother, maybe you could introduce a practice room so people can adjust settings accordingly before jumping into a match because it puts people off being stomped the entire game. I will purchase a battle pass next season for sure. GG, thanks!

Download Shadowgun War Games – Online PvP FPS

3. UNKILLED – Zombie FPS Shooting Game

The game is good,i have no issues. But i can’t believe you still haven’t added the notch supported screen. My Samsung Galaxy A10 has a pretty big screen but when i run the game,i can only play it in a small window. I want to be fully immersed,so please if you see this,update the game to be playable across the whole notched screen.

Entrusted game with a team good and faintest game entertainment and leads to the best game entertainment ever made for the most recent season of this series in a few minutes and a bit more of an audience of the characters and leads the way into a new episode where to get it out and leads to a lot more fun and more of the stuff you can get to sochna and the rest are the same as you and your friends in a different world of an artist who is a good person to sochna in a very different world and le

Great game. I’ve seen its trailer in YouTube. It was previously energy oriented and had low reward system. Now I’ve got 5000 golds for pre registering with another game of your team. Another positive point is now i can play as long as i want because energy is removed. Keep up the good job team Madfinger Games😍😍😍😍😍. You are the only team which can provide these type of masterpieces.

Since Ill be on pc using Gameloop, I know, its kinda cheating I guess, I mostly play the game for the PVE aspect, yes I have played survival ops and the story. But not PVP, because that would be unfair. To make it somewhat fair, I used another control set meaning that everytime I have to move my POV I would have to click the mouse and manually move it, for walking I used WASD. Positive 1. The graphics looks AMAZINg 2. The shooting and gunplay feels so smooth and natural Negative 1.Repetitive.

Best cheapest zombie survival fps available best gameplay affordable upgrades great story and submersive co op multi that always feel new and fun not repetitive missions or story mode 5 out of 5 best mobile phone zombie game mad finger games best ones doing it better then dead trigger, competitive story and co op modes easy gun pieces and upgrades pickups.

Download UNKILLED – Zombie FPS Shooting Game

4. SHADOWGUN LEGENDS – FPS PvP and Coop Shooting Game

I love this game ❤️, there is a long time ago I don’t felt this exciting experience in a history line by a mobile game, really nice the way on you can get weapons, armors and etc. I’m actually improving on level 24 and all looks fine at this point, I hope more than that, It’s a wonderful game in I know you can do more big and interesting world of Shadow Gun legends.

Legendary game. I love it. It’s perfect. First game I play worth buying items. THE BEST ONE EVER! SO MANY OPTIONS. Fantastic. People that have issues with the game, may is your phone’s fault or network. It works perfectly fine on my phone on 4G network.

This has got to be one of the best apps for fps games there are!! I am always looking for games that can keep me interested and I keeps me wanting to play more and more. Madfinger did it again with great graphics, stunning story modes, and best of all? We get to blow up hostile aliens!!!!! Keep up the outstanding work, madfinger!

Perfect in every way. 100% for stability, graphics, in-game experience, loot, and so much more. Immersive gameplay, simulation experience. Points to take into consideration, there is no energy system, completely Free play. You get what is promised, so far…cheques for Gold, in-game currency, player attire. No need for purchases. Additionally, for those experiencing a lag or slow frame rate, try keeping a high battery level and steady data connection, I haven’t had a bad experience yet.

Download SHADOWGUN LEGENDS – FPS PvP and Coop Shooting Game

5. MONZO – Digital Model Builder

Great game! I have an idea, why don’t you guys create a game that contains like a car scale model kits, which allows you to create your own scale model car or any vehicle, that you will assemble it and paint it every single parts of the vehicles including car interiors and motors and car engines, like the car scale model toys, instead of that you will make it into a game, hoping that you guys could see my comment, just a suggestion🤞😉😊😁

I was just shopping thru the store and found this app. Omg I can’t believe this app is on here. Absolutely amazing. Building cars, growing up this is all I did after homework was done. Now I have it on my phone. So cool and the affects are unbelievable. The sound is crazy! I love it to death.

Great way to pass the time. Could use a few tweaks. The brimstone beauty should be a cut away and needs to be animated. Could also use a few new models like the HMMWV, M4 Sherman, a Revell Tuner or two, a B-17G, and maybe some jets.

It’s an amazing model builder app. If you want more out of it you will have to pay, and the models you get are worth it. I just wish the developer would come out with more models, haven’t had an update with new models since 2018.

Iam 63yrs (young) and I’ve always loved making models either plastic, metal or like this game its really good and if anyo e old or young loves building things you will love this reccomend it .

Download MONZO – Digital Model Builder

6. DEAD TRIGGER – Offline Zombie Shooter

I’ve played this game for many hours, and I can say, that it is perfectly balanced to be enjoyable and not to be a cash crab. You can play without buying anything for real money, which is a rare gift nowadays. From a technical point of view the game is really well optimized and can be handled even by the old and budgst devices. Awesome game – 5 stars.

I have had so much fun playing this game recently! It’s strangely addictive even without the in app purchases (which was the biggest problem with it’s inferior sequel) ONLY thing I would suggest is more of a melee option for the close calls as I feel bullets are wasted some times.. Either way 5/5 absolutely STUNNING Graphics (On my OPPO AX5S).

I absolutely LOVE this game. I play it everyday, throughout the day. It’s my Favorite game. Only problem is I reached level 60 and I can’t go any further. The max is 60. So please add more levels please!!. I still play it all the time, but it’s better to play new levels, etc. Main reason I love it is I can play OFFLINE. PLEASE ADD MORE LEVELS, GAMEPLAY, RANKS. SOMETHING NEW. Just like other players are saying. Thanks

I really really love this game man. I’m literally addicted to it, I don’t know about you’ll, but i will definitely recommend each and every one to play this game atleast once and enjoy it. I really enjoy and love this game and i will surely support this game😘😘😘.

I love it but we need a new update. you should add multiplayer. meaning nearby players can join forces and fight the zombies in arena mode only. and also add new guns please. Thanks. (Edit) Thanks for more level update but more guns i have so much coins and gold.

Download DEAD TRIGGER – Offline Zombie Shooter


One of all-times Greatest Slasher Games both on Google and Apple markets! Awesome visuals, simple but challenging gameplay, good narrative … u can’t see much of those in modern mobile games. It was much fun when i first played it (as it just came out) and it managed to stay one of my favourites for almost a decade. Bravo!

Not bad! The graphics isn’t extraordinary but the gameplay is sure satisfying especially when you decapitate your foes with one lucky strike, good blood effects & fluint sensor controls, the comic dialogues are cool to so I say this is a decent game in general.👍

Great game beautiful scenery and wonderful combos plus the comic story telling is superb plus amazing. All I can say is samurai warrior for life. Samurai 2 is a must have. 2 thumbs up with 10 stars.

I didn’t regret buying this game. The art quality and graphic is beautiful in this game and I can play offline which save my battery a lots. Nice work dev!

Finally a game that plays like a real game. And it looks good thank you. Games like this people will actually play and finish because it’s not ad ware. Its a real game. Good work. 👍


8. Samurai II: Vengeance THD (3$)

Awesome game!!!!! I’ve beaten this game so many times and it still never gets old. I hope the devs are working on another classic gem. We need more games like this in the play store.

COMIC BOOK COMES TO LIFE 😀 Nice game , Feels like a comic book has come to life . But the combos are not accepting the inputs properly.

Brilliant A brilliant game so far on nvidia shield tablet amazing graphics and gameplay great sensitive touch screen controls hope there will be updates.

Nice Theme Unlike any other games, this is short and sweet game. But the experience is rich with nice background music & graphics. Loved OST.

Fantastic game! Great art style/graphics, good storyline, fun to play. Controls are quite good, the game is just challenging enough to be fun to play but not a cakewalk (even on easy). You will die, you will have to restart levels which is how it should be! There are some puzzle elements to the game which breaks it up so its not just endless button mashing. Runs great on Asus Eee Pad Transformer. Has not crashed even once after several hours of gameplay. One of the best games I’ve found so far on Android!

Great stylized game! Although this type of hack and slash has been around without much innovation since the 80’s, I can’t help but totally dig the look of this game. The stories are all basically the same but the comic book telling is cool. I generally don’t care for this type of game but it works so well on a phone or tablet. One of the better games I’ve played on android, partly because of the ease of play but it’s just beautiful to watch. This may be my first five star review for a game on android!

Download Samurai II: Vengeance THD (3$)

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