Best Racing Sport Games for Android of Maple Media LLC.

Best Racing Sport Games for Android of Maple Media LLC.

Maple Media is a mobile media, advertising and technology company that owns hundreds of top mobile apps and games on the App Store and Google Play. Maple Media’s apps, including WeekCal, We Heart It, Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam, Pic Stitch and BlackJack 21 reach more than 50M users worldwide every month. 

Maple Media acquires mobile app and game companies from around the world and is actively evaluating new acquisitions.

Founded in 2016, Maple Media is based in Los Angeles and Quebec, and is led by mobile app & games industry veterans from Google and Jam City. Maple Media is backed by a $30M investment from Shamrock Capital, a Los Angeles based private equity firm. 

1. Skateboard Party 2

When I first got this game I thought it would be a game I would lay for a week get bored then delete but to my shock it wasn’t this game deserves a triple a title from the fleshed out characters to the amazing graphics and level design I almost cried when my character fell over very good game. It also saved my marriage and my life.

Considering that this is a mobile game. It is absolutely fantastic. Little to no adds ever pop up, and it’s hard to get bored of. The tricks are cool and the challenges keep you engaged. Being able to unlock different skaters, maps, clothes, trucks, wheels, and decks keeps you entertained and never sick of the game. Overall it’s a great game with tons of tricks, customization options, little to no adds, multiple maps, and fun challenges.

Okay here’s the thing to all of you that rate one star first off This game has great graphics, better than others games I have tried but really with the one god damn star and I really enjoy it.

To all you fellow skaters out there: I’m currently sick, so I can’t go out and skate in real life. This game is coming in handy!! Just play this instead when you’re separated from your board. It’s pretty obvious that actual skaters made this game. The graphics are very real, the soundtrack is amazing, and the game doesn’t take long to learn. Great gameplay, and I love the customisability!

This game is great and maps are very cool but please add more tricks like the 360 flip or the big flip or a hippy jump.

It’s a really good game but I would love it if the graphics were a bit better but over all its just perfect.

Download Skateboard Party 2

2. Snowboard Party: World Tour

Best snowboarding game I have ever played, and its far better then coolboarders 3 Even!!!! Woulf totally Recomend!!!! 10/10!!!!

I love this snowboard party game because it teaches me how to get on a snowboard and it teaches me how to operate the snowboard too!!!!!

It’s awesome but you guys should mack longer tracks and more tricks I love this game though.

When i say this game is amazing im not joking. Just wow, it litterally blew me away i felt like i was on a console. Controls are easy, freestyle maps arent too small. I mean you guys did a really awesome job and thats no joke. I love that feeling of playing a console game on my phone. I give u guys 5 starts because you have quite frankly blown any competion you have 10 miles out of the water. I spent the 3.99$ just to show my support for you guys and what a great job you have done.

Game is awesome, but feels lonely to play alone… If multi-player is available for free ur game will be played buy more people like competition, races… so, do think about it , but no offence , it’s just my thought… if no other choice then I will buy full version after few months …

Fanstatic by all means.In my opinion the skill management and handling is not difficult unless you practice perhaps in Half-pipe mode.But I would to thank the developers for enhancing its aesthetic beauty with background theme.Mountains with the pine trees make it more realistic;commendable job with the graphics and the replay, that enhances your gameplay.Tricks that I never heard of now sounds a banger to me.Slides,trailing the forest woods and ramps are awesome.Recommended to all #Snowlovers.

Download Snowboard Party: World Tour

3. Mike V: Skateboard Party

The game honestly feels like skating, being able to grind, do tricks and such, and is overall really fun to play. Even playing the game free is managable.

I Love all of the Features.. But pls Fix the Joystick Bug.. Its like when you try to turn the Joystick Forward it doesn’t move and the Skater doesn’t move too.. And also add some details in the Maps 22 ok thx for this game love it..

This game tote me a lote to Skateboard. wene I sow this game it blue my mind this was the way to Skatboard.✌

From what I remember this game was sick as hell. I stopped playing 3 years back when my phone couldn’t keep up with the graphics and hazards of newly developed mobile games. But I’ll download again now that I have a newer device.

This game need new features… Need this game better animation like in realife movement animation also make new tricks and more skatepark like the berrics and stoner park and more. Also can customize all skateboard parts and using tool also add map creator that making own skatepark, OK that’s it that is all my request, thanks.

I love this game but to make it even funer then add some people and restaurants and more stuff ya know!

Download Mike V: Skateboard Party

4. Taxi Driver 3D : Hill Station

Taxi Driver 3D : Hill Station
Taxi Driver 3D : Hill Station

Very nice game..with different locations and levels …proper functioning is provided and the GPS is superb👌

I really like how you pick different taxis and different colors tries and other things. I love this game!

This is the best game I ever had because when I was little I loved car games and this taxi driver 3d : hill station makes me so very happy and I hope other little kids have fun with this game also.

It is so much good I really really like it ❤. Its graphics and controls is also excellent So l feel good when play it and feel so much enjoyment .I would like to play it again again .

I love this game because even tho its hard to turn it might be like that in real life depending what car you have might buy so its better to be safe than sorry.

Ï 😍 this game. This taxi game is original in the play store and App store. I also play other taxi game but other are Third class local games.This game company oringinal name is Unity best company of game.I installed two times in phone.But second time I unloked all cars, colours, tyres and I Upgraded my fully 🚗.My all buttons work.But I don’t like this company bus game I give only one 🌟 to bus game. In bus game not work my any button. I never forget this taxi game!!!!!!!.Iam childen 👦but boy.

Download Taxi Driver 3D : Hill Station

5. Snowboard Party

The game is very good indeed. Unlike so many pay to win apps out there,almost all the content can be unlocked free of charge. The graphics are good, the music is good though a bit repetitive due to few tracks. The collection of boards is vast and seeing your stunts improve as you level up your stats is very satisfying. Keep up the great work devs!

Awesome! Everything is good and not glitched-out or buged. I’m happy!😄👌👍👏 But i want the tree’s too be more physics based because they look like pictures from a wallpaper really. So please fix it.

i think it is the best snowboard game ever.because its controls are very easy to operate compared to other snowboard games. and its freestyle mode is the best for my own customised tricks…….

I hate this game its keep me stuck in the loading screen can you fix it Im in the Takee A7 Android version:5.1 I give 5 star plz fix it.

Pretty good game its not bad it just need some udatetion. And need to fix this gane and clear the bugs fron the game.

It’s a great game but there are some bugs that kinda tick me off but the controls are great and the gameplay is awesome.


Download Snowboard Party

6. Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam

honestly just started playing but controls a-1. reminds me years ago on nintendo. one of the few games i played a lot back then when i had the chance. believe it or not i actually used to skate as a kid and can for example bust a kickflip.🙂👍👍

One of my favorite skateboarding game. Graphics is too good. Also controls are very nice.

I love this game! It is very addicting, has a good soundtrack, and has pretty good graphics for a mobile game! I think that a few things could be improved, such as minor glitches and weird physics, but besides that I think it is a great start! I cant wait to see what the future holds for this game, and Tony Hawk games in general! (this mobile app is already better than THPS5)!!

Wow! This game is exactly what I had hoped it would be when I saw that there was a Tony Hawk game coming to mobile! It could use a little more customization. I wish there were more outfits and that they were customizable from head to toe, but then again this is how it was on the games I had as a kid for the Nintendo 64, so its okay. It manages to be just like the classic N64 and PS1 Tony Hawk: Pro Skater games on your phone! If you’re into it, its one of the best games in the play store! 5/5!

Download Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam

7. Skateboard Party 3

I want you to add custom made state Parks and the game is gooooooood

I dont wanna rate whit five stars couse nothing its perfec but i really enjoy this game so nice for skaters for learn the name of the some tricks and also for skate when its raining in your town… i really hope some day they has posible to play multiplayer for free.. thanks for doing a amazing job.

I think this is the most enjoyable game I’ve ever played.The graphics are great.The gameplay is outstanding.I like how you have to build your character attributes with experience points.

I was looking for a game to scratch my Tony Hawk Pro Skater itch, and this is it. I wish it had a few more real skateboarders in it though. The created characters are 2 dimensional and boring. Couldn’t you just name them like Tony Chalk, Ban Margarita, Ed Templetits, or Jamie Thrombus? And make them look like those guys? lol

Great game…Made me feel like a kid again playing THPS franchise.Once you upgrade all stats,it’s a great time..5 stars.

The tricks are soo cool and the boards look sick, you can make ur own combo of wheels and ur bored and stuff it’s so cool I recomend this game to everyone.

Download Skateboard Party 3

8. Drift Mania: Street Outlaws

Had a wondefall time, controls are easy to master and the graphics are GODLIKE (for a moble game) and you get some awsome loyalty free music but i have one complaint you really shouldn’t charge the full version just make it a whol other app and say this is the light version and then charge like a $1.00 for the full version.

The controls are pretty darn good and there are so many cars to choose from its just amazing and you can add a ton of customizations it is the best car game I’ve ever played so thank you very much for this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just like that Xbox 360 game Midnight Club only u can not free roam and do side missions in this game. PLZ DEVELOPER ADD FREE ROAM AND MISSONS AND MAKE A ROLLERBLADING GAME.

This is so far the best since i stop playing no limits this game is tottaly underated and its the best great graphics, controls.

Superb I love this game….. Nice graphics and nice 🚗 car…. I’m click on the.. Get more cash then Show me video and I won 400 Cash….. I love it…..

Download 8. Drift Mania: Street Outlaws

9. Drift Mania 2 – Drifting Car Racing Game

This game”s deserve all 5 thumpsup n I like the graphic’s, Cars but only one thing missin n that don’t apply😁to me is that, it does’nt have control button am I right🤗. The sreering wheel never work better on mobile phone n it’s hard n movin or sawin body moment looks funny from people lookin at u coz not realisin how we move side to side n they make fun of us n I don’t care but,,🤗anway thanks.

Amazing graphics, great controls, the best drift game!

Best game for pro drifters it’s real life with the cars and good cars in the game for background.

The aboslut best drifting game out ther and ive tested them all i give thish 1000000stars out of 5 stars thats how much i love this gam Best drifting game in the world i love it and iv tride them all i give it 1000000stars oht of 5 star i love it.

Challenging Graphics smooth, controls- gas pedal, doesn’t always respond, steering- wheel, not good(they should have used arrows), tilt- very hard (requires lots of tweaking and practice), customization of car- limited but better then rival games. All in all, challenging fun game.

Download Drift Mania 2 – Drifting Car Racing Game

10. Snowboard Party: Aspen

I lovvve this game it is so nice, relaxing and so fun. I would really recommend this game to kids because they will really enjoy it. If ur looking for a game that is fun the game is always available.

This is the best snowboard game ive seen but one thing, add more grabs and special tricks. That would be great.

I love this game so much it isa time killer and super easy but it needs more levels and suits.

what a nice game i like it because this game’s grahpic is good and so easy levels that’s why i like this game ever.

Download Snowboard Party: Aspen

11. Hockey Fight

Beautiful game and soft controls and so beautiful gameplay.

Who cares about goals when you can immediately get to the fun part?! This game let’s your punch the lights out of anyone in your way!

Really are you that dum All of you commenters don’t know the meaning of quality gaming all of you are stupid. CLOWNS!!!!!!!! Comment that.

Love it👌 Really love it,but I had problems when you win or lose it says do you want to update to pro version what is that.and if the graphics could be better.and like you can create your own hockey fighter and like a career for that hockey fighter.other than that terrific game.

Download Hockey Fight

12. Skateboard Party 3 Pro (4$)

I have it the only problem is IM ADDICTED I sneak my tablet to school to play it s during class pleas and to juvinile hall.

This game is great but why does it keep saying downloading resources but if i download it it keeps saying starting on notifications plz help but i gave ur game a 5 star.

The closest thing to Tony Hawk I have ever played and it’s awesome being able to carry it with me anywhere I go.

As close to PlayStation Tony hawk pro skater as I’m gonna get on my Nexus 6. AWESOME GAME

like thps underground great game feels like old school tony hawks games n has missions 2 do like it 2 really fun .

Awsome game I really really injoyed playing this game …honesty this one is better than the two other games

Download Skateboard Party 3 Pro (4$)

13. Snowboard Party: World Tour Pro (5$)

Hands down the best snowboard, heck the best sports game around. Everything, the controls, graphics, exp system, levels, everything is amazing. Get some big air in the half pipe. Hot some grinds in freestyle. Get ripped in the big air events. Or fly down the hill in time trial. All of which have multiple courses and each in turn have tons of achievements to help boost your exp, and get them good boards or characters. Well done devs Wells done. I don’t know why you took the different approach with snowboard Aspen and honestly I refuse to play it because you tweaked an already perfect product for the worst…idk why you messed with the controls and moved them on the screen or added a ticket system, well I get the tickets, but I’d rather party for the game upfront like I did for this. Keep up the hard work and please make your next snowboard party game like snowboard party 1 and world tour!

I was skeptical at first but after playing for awhile I started noticing that I’m having a blast…I don’t wanna unlock everything right away but buying the 4x Exp Boost is very helpful..A+ job guys!!

one of the best games on my mobile device , im damn near maxed out ….wish there waz alot more hills to climb…bravo , t.davis 🙈🙉🙊

It’s like SSX 3 for ps2 expect for the phone. Everything can unlock without money and that’s they way I like. Great game.

Good interesting game but just need to fix when the player fall off from the failed tricks more realistic

Download Snowboard Party: World Tour Pro (5$)

14. Snowboard Party Pro

Absolutely perfect game. Best snowboard on the market. Everything from the graphics, controls, levels, courses, exp system are amazing! I highly recommend if you’re looking for a quality snowboard game to drop hours on. Edit: comment response 4-16-18 You’re welcome. No thanks on the snow suit. I have tried snowboard party Aspen, and I have written a review that you already replied to months ago. Needless to say, you took a perfect game and ruined it, for what seems to be a money grab. I would have loved to spend another $1.99 on Aspen to support you guys had you not ruined it. Why fix something that’s not broken, especially to only make it worse?!Feel free to check the review out under the same user name.

Saw it on tv and it reminded me of coolboarders 2 on the PlayStation. The graphics are good and the game plays great. Can’t complain.

Pretty Sick Now I’m an avid snowboarder. I’v play a lo of 🏂 games, classics like cool boarders,1080, EA’s SSX series and a personal fav of mine Shaun White on 360. This is probably the best mobile snowboarding game I’ve ever played. Smooth cut graphics. Easy to pick up controls. Along with a good variety things to do in the game. I get cravings to snowboarding really early every year lol most people from Minny think I’m crazy. Hahahah i just look at it like, gotta find fun things of do when its cold outside.

Doesn’t get better than this !!! Superb graphics, flawless control and enough content to keep you entertained and challenged for days.

Download Snowboard Party Pro

15. Skateboard Party 2 Pro (4$)

,I really enjoy this game. It has been lots of good fun and I have played it a lot. It also has great graphics.

It’s super fun, has good graphics and keeps me busy while I’m bored. I loved it.

The game is awesome, but the control is just ok, the graphic is awesome for mobile game, the trick is awesome too, honestly if you want games like tony hawk, this is for you.

This is such a nice upgrade from the first skateboard party game! Better graphics, controls, soundtrack, everything! If you liked skateboards party, try this one out!

This is the most coolest skating game out there, BUT please add more tricks such as 360 flip, varial flips, hardflip, lazer flip, its just boring without these tricks 😀

Suppa cool! Love the game bro’s. No lags no problems😊just keep on updating and improving the game more power to you…cool!

Download Skateboard Party 2 Pro (4$)

16. Drift Mania: Street Outlaws Pro

I have to say a few things about this game. The graphics are great and the controls are perfect and also adjustable even better I also purchased the full game and had a few issues but with the help of a fantastic support team and I mean that they have helped me with my issues unlike most games on play store so 5 + stars from me thanks keep up the amazing work.

I had no issues with the game, except a little FPS drop while the song is changing in a race. But in general its a pretty god game. Good work Ratrod Studio!

One of the best racing games out there.

Great game! Also the controller works perfectly, but can you please make it so that I can change the song with the D-Pad and cloud saving would be nice.

Awesome! I play this game 3 years ago, but I found it and buy this full version. I really love this game, best game. We can customize the Body kit, spoiler, rims and more.

Immersion Mode & Cloud Save needs to utilize both of these. Love the dedication your team has shown to this drifting game. money accumulates too slowly for a paid game or in game prices are too high.

Download Drift Mania: Street Outlaws Pro

17. Drift Mania Championship 2 Pro

This game is very very good! Think of RC Pro-Am for Nintendo as a drifting game. A lot of fun!

Thank you for this awesome game!! I play it as much as i possibly can! Very Fun and exciting!!

Infraction Just switch to a samsung g tab andriod 4.1.2 and it locks up at race start when im doin about 30 mph. Almost every time when DMC new game works ..still lik3 themm but fix this worked great on my lgl35g and Gtabnero 2 excellently.

Sony z ultra Ps3 controller rules, also 5 star for the game.

Great game It takes some getting used to but once you get the hang of it it is really fun.

Download Drift Mania Championship 2 Pro

18. Mike V: Skateboard Party PRO

This game is assume when i first started playing this game i had a lot of fun thank you all for doing such a good job on this this is absolutely incredible and fun to play and the other ones you did better also.

The first game of the skateboard party franchise and it still holds up today! Excellent graphics and fun levels!

Breathtaking gameplay and its very very accurate i prefer this one.Thank you for this game!

Great game still going back and playing having a blast. Got my skate fix.

Really fun Reminds me of the first 3 Tony Hawk games in look and kinda in gameplay 😌

Download Mike V: Skateboard Party PRO (4$)

19. Hockey Fight Pro (1$)

Who needs goals anyways? This game gets right in the action! You’re in for a treat!

Niicee… Good game , nice commentry.Its like a street fight.

great The graphics good want more men to fight. Really good still love it.

Fun Fun game, but you should more controls, then ot will be a very fun game, keep up the great amazing work!

Freakin awesome Awwesomme.

Download Hockey Fight Pro (1$)

20. Drift Mania Championship Pro

Amazing drift through the tracks. If you like this one you’ll have to try the other driftmania games!

Great feel of long drifting around some great tracks. One of the best

The best One of theegreatest drifting car games?on?google.

Dope Still love it. Worth every penny superior to every other drifting game.

5 stars Should make it to where,you can buy upgrades and customize your car the way you want and more maps to like one with jumps and stuff. But not a bad game.

Purchased months ago Wont let me re-download it. But it is a amazing game.

Works perfectly, great game No crashing or blue screen problems but only thing that bugs me is that the expansion packs cost as much as the game itself so i want them cheaper please and the last thing it needs is an evo, a r34 and a s13.

Download Drift Mania Championship Pro

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