Car Dash Cam - Record Journey & Driver Violation

Car Dash Cam – Record Journey & Driver Violation

Download Car Dash Cam – Record Journey & Driver Violation

The dashboard camera app – a complete blackbox for your trip. Blackbox to record HD videos trip. Record videos and images with camera app. The best camera app for zoom, focus, flash, with gridlines for trip video recording.

Best Download Android Apps Car Dash Cam - Record Journey & Driver Violation
Best Download Android Apps Car Dash Cam – Record Journey & Driver Violation

Click photos of beautiful sights dash cam recorder app. A car camera that allows you to record your journey. Record your daily trips on HD quality. This speed camera app tells you about all your speed violations. Car video app to record videoroad. Blackbox app for roadtrips which records your trip video, images, locations, harsh break and speed violations. Smart dash cam record adventure video for you. Now keep track of you trips and save all the moments in vidoes and pictures. Use offline driving mode to save you locations and track your travel details. Now you can monitor all your way by having a live navigation on screen recording of road you are travelling. GPS Speedometer-Dashboard speed limit application can give you some amazing features like: Dash camera-record all your way while having driving. You can get an absolute amazing road driving by having a secure and safe journey.
Dashboard cam is coming with offline driving mode. How many times it happened that you’re on a trip and you want to keep track of your trip but due to absene of internet connection you couldn’t keep any record? Not to worry, this mode allows you to keep track of your journey anytime. Before leave your home, just leave your cellphone on offline driving mode and go anywhere you want to go. The app will tell you all the details of your trip with all the road traffic violation i.e. harsh breaks, over speeding etc.
Dash cam screen recording’s Online Driving Mode features includes speed alerts, live harsh breaks, live gps location, trip tracking on the maps, trip pictures, trip video and much more. It will show map with complete details. It gives a complete package by giving you speed limit, speedometer, dashboard camera, live maps and navigation, photo clicks, screen recorder, calculated travelled distance, road recording with camera and distance units in miles and kilometer per hour. 
You can leave your cellphone on the recording with the dashcam app and this screen recorder will do the rest for you. It will record everything, guides you in the best and stop you from wrong turns.
On the road journey while recording, it allows you to extend your hands to capture image of beautiful sights without pausing or stopping the video recorder.
Calculate Travelled Distance in Miles and KM. Calculate Speed in KM/h and Mi/h. Dashboard camera: Record live driving on road. HUD Speedometer-Speed limit dash camera. Dashboard camera-Calculate speed in km/h. Dashboard Camera-Calculate speed in miles/h. Dash Cam: Speed limit with maps. Speedometer-Speed limit and speedometer live navigation with maps. Using Accelerometer to get vehicle Violation i.e.
a. Harsh Breaking.
b. Wrong Turns
c. Bump Violation.
What makes it far superior that is, it has a route framework which explores you which sound so you don’t need to take a gander at the maps again and again. Simply mark the area you need to predetermined on and keep easygoingness on driving.

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