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Crash The Ball

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Crash The Ball is an endless and attractive idle game.Simple and fun game!

Best Download Casual Android Games Crash The Ball
Best Download Casual Android Games Crash The Ball

In front of your favorite show, you can play “balls” in boring lessons or meetings without missing important things. 

1 – Click on the screen to kill the ball
2 – Unlock different weapons to help you kill the ball
3 – Unlimited lift Click Damage
4 – Unlimited Increased balls Damage
5 – Unlimited increase in revenue
6 – Increase Speed x4
7 – Ball with falling diamonds

Tips and tricks on how to maximize your idle income:

Like most idle games, many actions are autonomous and do not require a lot of input from the player.

You can control purchases, upgrades and your own taps, which is part of our strategy, plans and tips.

How to play:

If you have never played an idle application before, the balls that are idle in the actual game may look slightly smaller. The goal is simply that you just need to remove the colorful ball from the game board. To do this, you can click on a ball, or you can buy a weapon that automatically bounces between balls and slowly cuts the ball without intervention.

Each sphere has a number that represents the volume of the sphere: If the sphere contains “5”, it means that it can withstand 5 damage. When the ball is hit, the number above it will decrease. When the number is reduced to 0, the ball will die.

Whenever you hit the ball in some way, decrease this number and you will get the same amount of gold coins. These coins can be used to buy more weapons or upgrade existing weapons – or prestige – so they can break the ball faster.

If you want to know what the goal is, it really depends on you.You can aim at the highest level – you get a level every time you clear the ball, or you can try to buy every weapon in the game. 

The free ball is actually just a leisurely distraction, and even if you open the app while eating snacks, it can provide a sense of progress.

Although you can achieve the height of the game by simply letting the weapons do your own thing, there are steps you can take to speed up the process and maximize the return on your idle investment.

Whenever you actively attack the sphere, you must use your fingers. If you press and hold the finger, the sphere will be hit multiple times. Upgrading click skills can increase the damage done to a sphere by a single click and unlock new skills.

You can choose to upgrade your current weapon to increase attack power or unlock new ones. After unlocking a new weapon you can use all the weapon together to attack.

After reaching a certain level, you can perform prestige to unlock more advanced weapons and increase attack power. Note that prestige will clear levels and gold coins, but it will significantly increase attack power.

All of these make you forget everything around us. You can improve your free time with the idle balls.

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