Merge Heroes Frontier: Casual RPG Online

Merge Heroes Frontier: Casual RPG Online

Download Merge Heroes Frontier: Casual RPG Online

The Legendary Hero returns to destroy the Demon King, evil puppet master of the Dragons. 

Join the Legendary Hero to help protect the Merge Kingdom! 

▶ My name is Elfina! Don’t ever forget! 
You can upgrade the legendary hero not by Merging, but instead in a classic RPG Style! Collect various costumes for the Legendary Hero!


▶World’s easiest Idle RPG Endgame, “Merge Heroes : Casual Idle RPG Online.”
▶No more need to constantly tap, merge, and endlessly revive!
▶My heroes keep improving even when offline or logged out! Experience it now!

[Game Features]

★Knight + Knight = Ranger????
Merge the heroes to become stronger?
Merge heroes into Elite Heroes to defeat the enemies!

★Intuitive gameplay, easy for anyone!
Deploy the heroes, and they will fight automatically!
Merge all your stress away!

★Endless, multiple rewards!
Use Owl’s Gift and Roulette chance to 
acquire Heroes, Items, Buffs and more! 

★ I’m the hero!!
Collect 48 types of heroes including Human, Elf, Orc, Beast and many others,
and enjoy each of their unique battle styles!

★ Let’s destroy the Dragon’s Lair! 
Attack 9 types of Dragon’s Lairs 
and slay the dragon to acquire special SS-rank equipment! 

★ I’m the best!
Prove you are the very best in 
World Boss, Achievements and Artifact Rankings! 

★ My Artifacts??
Acquire Dragon Hearts and collect 
the best D-SR rank artifact items!

★ Don’t worry about data or Wi-Fi! 
You can enjoy the game offline
and the heroes will never stop fighting!

★ Developers who love the game! 
The developers love Merge Heroes more than anything
and will try their best to give you the most enjoyable game experience! 

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