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RadioLY – Live FM Radio

Download RadioLY – Live FM Radio

RadioLY – Live FM Radio brings you the best of the World Live Broadcast FM & AM stations

RadioLy is an excellent and hassle free way to listen to the online fm radioAM radio and perhaps free internt radio stations.

We have a pool of over 35,000+ live fm radio stations which you can sit back and listen at the comfort of your home and office. RadioLy is one of the free radio app that give you the benefit to listen to fm radio stations from any given geographic location of the world. 

It is quite easy to find any fm radio station through RadioLy App. It is quite easy to search through the genre such as news radio, sports radio, rock radio stations, pop radio stations to name a few. You can also search it by the country of your choice. Our aim is to simplify the radio listening experience to our users on the different mobile and web devices.

★★Why Install RadioLY – LIVE FM Radio ★★

★Clean User Interface

RadioLy offers a very clean and easy to navigate user interface and thus help you out in tuning FM radio and local radio. There is a lot of am & fm radio app that are too complex to operate while playing a radio station. With RadioLy, it will help you out to sort out all the above problems. 

★No Interruptions or Buffering 

RadioLy is serving more than 1 million listeners in a month. Our app helps you to offer great level of reliability and stability which helps us to stand out from the rest of the crowd. That is why we are trying to improve my radio listening quality as much as we can through our app.

★One Tap Access to Your Favorite Channel 

With our application, you can easily navigate to the favorite channel of your choice in a quite fast and hassle free way. We are improving our app on a regular basis such that you can have a very smooth experience while you are using our radio station at home, office or in your car.

★★ Our App Features ★★

1. Classic design to display the stations listing
2. Add to Favorites
3. Featured list
4. Countries list (Select country and listen the Radio Station)
5. Search your favorite radio station or genre.
6. Share what you are listening to on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Tumbler.

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