Shooting Ground 3D: God of Shooting

Shooting Ground 3D: God of Shooting

Download Shooting Ground 3D: God of Shooting

■ A 1vs1 real-time shooting battle with users from all around the world! 
■ Easy one-tap FPS controls!
■ Thrilling powerful shots!

10 minutes is enough to get you hooked!
The GMs will shower you with gifts!! Trust us!
Nothing difficult!! Your shooting addiction begins!!!

The reason I was able to become the god of shooting
was because I fired 10,000 shots a day.

■■■■■ Game Description ■■■■■ 

Aim your weapon up and down then release to fire! 
Enjoy the idle clay shooting mode in the lobby!
You mean you can obtain coins by just leaving it on?
Shoot down a variety of targets including target boards, animals, and moving targets!
Play various modes consisting of stage mode, time attack, and 1vs1 battles!
Upgrade your gun, gloves, ammo, and scopes in the shop!

■■■■■ Game Characteristics ■■■■■ 

Strategic wind calculations like a real sniper
Experience the difference between a rifle and pistol
Battle with users from around the globe
Leader boards and achievements provided
Supports old devices through maximum optimization
Accelerating sensors that resembles the feel or real shooting

A game created together with the users. A new challenge awaits in 
Shooting Ground: God of Shooting”
Battle and win against users from all around the world!

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