Download Android Puzzle Games Sudoku! - Tap to play

Sudoku! – Tap to play

Download Sudoku! – Tap to play

A carefully designed app, as simple as complete.
The classic Sudoku game but with some cool features:

•  Dark Mode
Enjoy the full experience on OLED devices.

•  Quick mode
Train yourself in a countdown version and do as many sudokus as you can!

•  Hints
Have you ever been stuck playing a sudoku? This app won’t tell you a random cell number as others do, it will explain the next step!

•  Infinite sudokus
It comes with an built-in generator, ensuring the quality of the sudokus. Endless fun :p

•  Landscape

Sudoku! also has the typical features:
•  Three levels: Easy, Medium and Hard
•  Undo unlimited times
•  Notes
•  Statistics

This app has been developed with the latest Android functions and is based on Google’s Material Design guidelines, to provide the best user experience.

Available in the following languages: English, Galician and Spanish.

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